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Finance Your Cabinets with Lily Ann

Don’t Wait for Your Dream Kitchen!

Are you dreaming of a home renovation project, but feel a little intimidated financially? Even with our already unbeatable prices, we’re giving you yet another reason to love Lily Ann.

Make Your Kitchen Dreams Come True with Easy Financing Options

WE are proud to Introduce

To bring you the ultimate customer financing experience, Lily Ann is offering financing options by joining forces with Bread®, the number one loved financing option by consumers.

With their “pay by the slice” program, we’re making it easier for you to get your dream kitchen or bath. With clear-cut, direct installment terms, no shrouded expenses, and no prepayment charge, there's no better approach to pay for your new dream kitchen or bath.



    Finalize Your Selection

    Approve and finalize your Lily Ann Cabinets order, and add it to your cart.


    pay over time

    Review your shopping card and select the "Pay Over Time" payment option.


    payments using bread®

    Oversee your account and make easy payments at members.getbread.com.

Swift, Easy Payments!

When funding your Lily Ann project, Bread® allows you to pay a direct installment loan. You'll know your monthly payment and the total loan amount before you even buy. Once you've completed all your payments, you're finished!

Prequalification will not affect your credit score.

Sample Payment Option For a Cabinet Order of $2500


36 months

Based on an average interest rate of 8.99% APR

*This is only an example. If you pre-qualify, your terms will likely differ. Bread® loans are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey state-chartered bank, Member FDIC. Rates range from 0% to 29.99% APR.

Answers to Some Common Questions

Is Bread® a credit card?

No, Bread® is not a credit card. When funding your Lily Ann project, Bread® allows you to pay a direct installment loan. You’ll know your monthly payment and the total loan amount before you even buy. Once you’ve completed all your payments, you’re finished!

How long will it take me to get prequalified?

Not long at all! Bread® offers an online application that’s simply speedy. You’ll know whether or not you’re prequalified within a matter of seconds. Prequalification will not affect your credit score.

How do I finance my Lily Ann Cabinets with Bread®?

Easy and simple! Whether you’ve worked with one of our expert designers or created your own price quotation, following the Bread® application process at checkout is easy. Once you’ve reached the “Payment Information” portion of the checkout, select “Pay Over Time”. This will prompt the Bread® prequalification application. In the event you are prequalified, a full payment schedule and monthly cost of your Lily Ann cabinets will become visible. You’ll simply complete the checkout and payment process by selecting Bread® as your payment option.

How do I make payments with Bread®?

Bread® makes it easy to pay with either a debit card, direct bank transfer, or by mailing a check. Interested in Auto-Pay? You’ll need to follow the well ordered guidelines provided by Bread® when you sign in to members.getbread.com. This will navigate you through setting up an ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment from your bank account, or it will allow you to use your debit card to complete the payments. Bread® will also give you the option to authorize automated future payments, ensuring you never miss a payment.

When will my payments be due?

Your first installment will be expected no less than 30 days after you finish checkout. Consecutive payments are expected each month from that point forward, generally on the same day each month. (For example, if your first payment was due on the 1st of the month, future payments will be due that same day each month.) Your completely customized payment calendar can be seen in your account at members.getbread.com.

Can I pay my loan back early?

Of course! You can prepay a portion or for the full amount of your loan anytime. There is no punishment in paying early. If you prepay more than your monthly payment but less than the total balance, your monthly payment will stay the same. If you do pay off your loan sooner, this will result in you paying less in total interest.

Prequalification will not affect your credit score.